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Photographer - Chiroline Evil

There are no gods above and below...
They are among and inside...

Anna - Vocals / Guitar

Georgian, English, Italian, Russian and Japanese

B.C.Rich guitars
Line6 Effects

The world and my mind...

Anna(@_nephilim) • Instagram


Frost - Guitar / Backing vocals


​(Sound Project "SIVA" 公式エンドーサー)

(SG strings 公式エンドーサー)
GWNN Musical Instruments Tradings  Official Website

(THE NEXT SOUND 公式エンドーサー)
次音公国機動突撃軍所属公式パイロット GOD Frost 准尉

 公式】次音公国機動突撃軍広報部(@TNS_MAF)さん / Twitter

Jackson Guitar USA (Soloist Black)
Sound Project "SIVA" Pedals - Endorse
 (悪魔ちゃんディレイ) (熟女ディストーション)

Sound project "siva" 公式アーティストページ掲載
Frost Sound project "siva"公式デモンストレーション動画
SG Strings Endorse (E Strings 009~046)

SG strings 正規代理店 GWNN 公式アーティストページ掲載
THE NEXT SOUND Pedals Endorse (Frost専用機MSS-07GOD Signature model) (MSS14B GODFROST Signature model)
Right On! STRAPS (MOJO Series Charm BK)
RIGHT ON STRAPS 公式アーティストページ掲載
TECH21 (PL1 FLY RIG Paul Landers Signature)(Character Plus Fuzzy Brit)
TECH 21 公式アーティストページ掲載
Frost TECH21公式デモンストレーション動画
K.E.S (KIP-001 Power Supply)
K.E.S 公式アーティストページ掲載
KAMINARI Cables (KAMINARI Electric Guitar Cable)
KAMINARI GUITARS 公式アーティストページ掲載
(guitar strap adjuster)
(OM5, VX5 Mic)
CNB pedal board
Line6 Effects, Pedals, Amps

Nirvana, Creed




Yorke - Bass / Programming

Jackson Bass (Spectra Black)
MXR Effects

Nine Inch Nails, Apex Twin, Portis Head



Gods of Decay

Anna - Vocals/Guitar
Frost - Guitar
​Yorke - Bass


Gods of Decayのダークでヘヴィーな音楽性は、HR/HM、ポストグランジ、ゴシック、ニューメタル、オルタナティブメタルなどの音楽性の融合を基盤としたメロディアスな楽曲を武器に、他には無い新しく独創的なサウンドを作り上げている。


AnnaはFavoriteにエクストリームメタルとビジュアル系を挙げており、10代の頃からギターを学び、Annaの音楽的影響は、甘美なThe CureからNecrophagistのようなデスメタルとスラッシュメタルバンドなどまで多彩な影響を受けている。

FrostはFavoriteにCreed、Pearl Jam、Nirvanaを挙げており、サウンド面ではpost-grungeにその影響を強く感じさせ、ヘヴィーなギターサウンドを中心としながら、美しいメロディを導入し、聴きやすい楽曲を作曲している。


新メンバーとして加入したベーシストのYorkeは、Nine Inch Nails, Apex Twin, Portis Headに影響を受けており、プログラミングの才能と、Frostのギターの攻撃性とYorkeの官能的で繊細なベースラインがバランスをとる事で、Gods of Decayを新しく進化させている。

2021年12月7日にヨーロッパのレコードレーベルSliptrick Recordsより1stアルバム「Collective Psycosis」



2018年12月 1st Single "Cataclysm" をSoundclowdにて発表。1st EP "Gods of Decay" を発売。


2019年1月21日 1stライブを渋谷サイクロンで行う。


2019年12月24日 1st MV "Nightmare" リリース。動画配信サービスGYAO!で配信され46万回の視聴数を記録。


2021年ヨーロッパのレコードレーベル Sliptrick Recordsと契約。全世界デビューとなる1stアルバム "Collective Psychosis" をリリースする事を発表。


2021年8月6日 アルバムからの先行シングルとなる "Suffocate You" をMVと同時リリース。動画配信サービスGYAO!で配信され23万回の視聴数を記録。


2021年11月26日 アルバムからの2ndシングルとなる、アルバムタイトルトラック "Collective Psychosis" をリリース。日本のiTunes Storeメタルチャートで8位にランクイン。


2021年12月7日 アルバム "Collective Psychosis" を全世界リリース。日本のiTunes Storeメタルチャートで初登場4位を記録。


"Suffocate You" MVが iTunes StoreメタルMVチャートにて1位を獲得 (ロックMVチャートでも2位を記録)



Gods of Decay was formed in Tokyo in 2018 by a Japanese guitarist Frost and a vocalist from Georgia (country) Anna. Their music lies at an intersection of genres and styles such as post-grunge, alternative and gothic metal, the fusion of which gave birth to the dark, “meaty” and yet beautiful sound.

Gods of Decay pride themselves with their strong adherence to melody intricately interwoven with the heavy and angry guitar riffs - a feature that makes the band stand out.
Anna's fascination with modern literature has a strong impact on the lyrics she writes. The major themes in her lyrics are introspective, dreams, vanishing boundaries between the real and the imaginary, madness, and social criticism.  Her musical influences range from the mellow The Cure to the brutal Necrophagist. She enjoys experimenting with styles and aims for "theatricality" in her singing manner. She has received opera vocal training in the past, but enjoys experimenting with extreme vocals.

The mastermind behind Gods of Decay's compositions, Frost, names among his favourite artists and major influences such bands as Creed, Pearl Jam and Nirvana. By implementing beautiful melodies into heavy distortion "shell", his compositions are powerful, yet at the same melodious. “Beauty in strength” can well describe the sound that he aims for.

Yorke, the person behind Gods of Decay's basslines and programming, has joined them recently but has immediately brought new colors to the band’s musical palette and yet more layers into compositions by balancing out the aggression of Frost's guitar with his mellifluous and sensual basslines. His influences include such bands as Nine Inch Nails, Apex Twin and Portis Head.

In 2021 the band signed with a European record label Sliptrick Records releasing their debut full-length album titled “Collective Psychosis”.


In December 2018, the 1st single "Cataclysm" was announced at Soundcloud.

First self-titled EP "Gods of Decay" was released.


On January 21, 2019, the 1st live was held at Shibuya Cyclone.


The 1st MV "Nightmare" was released on December 24, 2019. It was distributed through the video distribution service GYAO! and got 460,000 views.


In 2021 the band signed with a European record label Sliptrick Records.

Shortly, the worldwide release of the 1st full-length album "Collective Psychosis" was announced.


On August 6, 2021, "Suffocate You", the lead single from the album, was released at the same time as the music video. It was distributed by the video distribution service GYAO! and got 230,000 views.


On November 26, 2021, the album title track "Collective Psychosis", the 2nd single from the album, was released. It ranked 8th on the iTunes Store Metal Chart in Japan.


On December 7, 2021, the album "Collective Psychosis" was released worldwide.

It ranked 4th on the iTunes Store metal chart in Japan.


"Suffocate You" MV topped iTunes Store Metal MV chart and ranked No. 2 on the rock MV chart.


The band's latest releases have been widely introduced in music magazines, radio, TV, etc. and have become a hot topic, attracting attention from Japan and abroad.

【Gods of Decay】

Anna - Vocals/Guitar.
Frost - Guitar.
Yorke - Bass.
Origin - Tokyo, Japan.
Years active - 2018-present.
Genres - Post-grunge/Gothic metal.
Influences - Creed, Nirvana. The Cure, Paradise Lost, Lamb of God.



Sliptrick Records
SG Strings
GWNN Musical Instruments Tradings
​Sound Project "SIVA"
Kikutani Music
Right On! STRAPS​
TECH 21​
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