We pry out and feed on you darkest fears and desires...

Anna - Vocals/Guitar

Georgian,English,Italian, Russian and Japanese

B.C.Rich guitars
Line6 Effects
Gods of Decay Anna

Frost - Guitar


Jackson USA Soloist Black
Ernie Ball strings
DiMarzio straps
Line6 Effects, Pedals, Amps
Belden Cables (9778)


Creed,Pearl Jam,Nirvana


Gods of Decay


Musical style
Gods of Decayのダークでヘヴィーな音楽性は、HR/HM、ポストグランジ、ゴシック、ニューメタル、オルタナティブメタルなどの音楽性の融合を基盤としたメロディアスな楽曲を武器に、他には無い新しく独創的なサウンドを作り上げている。

Lyrics, Language

Band member, Influences
(Anna - Vocals/Guitar)

(Frost - Guitar)
FrostはFavoriteにCreed、Pearl Jam、Nirvanaを挙げており、サウンド面ではpost-grungeにその影響を強く感じさせ、ヘヴィーなギターサウンドを中心としながら、美しいメロディを導入し、聴きやすい楽曲を作曲している。


バンドは2018年12月に1st Single “Cataclysm” をSoundclowdにて発表。2019年1月に1stライブを渋谷サイクロンにて行い、1st EP “Gods of Decay 1”を発表した。

2019年12月24日には、1st MV “Nightmare” をリリースした。


Gods of Decay
Formed in 2018 in Tokyo, Gods of Decay is a band former by the guitarist from Japan, Frost, and a Georgian (Europe) vocalist Anna. Their music is at the intersection of international genres such as post-grunge, gothic metal and alternative metal.

Musical style
The dark and “meaty” sound of Gods of Decay is born out of the fusion of various genres  (such as post-grunge, gothic meal, nu metal, alternative metal, and many more) at its base with the strong adherence to melody. The mix of heaviness and melodism creates the band’s original sound.


Lyrics, Language
Anna was born to a multi-cultural background and speaks five languages: Italian, Georgian, Russian, English and Japanese.  She is an MA student at Sophia University in Tokyo majoring in Japanese Literature. Her fascination with literature has a strong impact on the lyrics she writes. The major themes in her lyrics are madness, retrospective, cosmos and dreams.


Band member, Influences
Anna is a big fan of extreme metal and visual kei.
In her teenage years, she started to learn how to play guitar, and her technique is heavily inspired by technical death metal and thrash metal bands, such as Necrophagist and Annihilator.
She also took classical opera singing lessons and her almost classical clean vocals bear that influence.


Among Frost’s favourite artists there are Creed, Pearl Jam and Nirvana, whose influence can be heard in his post-grungy compositions. By implementing beautiful melodies into the heavy sounding shell, his compositions are powerful but at the same time easy to listen.

In December 2018, the band released there first single titled “Cataclysm” available on Soundcloud.
In January 2019, Gods of Decay played their first live at Shibuya Cyclone. their 1st EP “Gods of Decay 1” were distributed during the show.

Gods of Decay 1st MV -  “Nightmare” is released in December 24th, 2019.

【Gods of Decay】
Anna - Vocals/Guitar.
Frost - Guitar.
Origin - Tokyo, Japan.
Years active - 2018-present.
Genres - Post-grunge/gothic metal/alternative metal.
Influences - Necrophagist,Annihilator,Creed,Pearl Jam,Nirvana.